Welcome to the Doubtless Wine Business Blog.

I love writing and, in so doing, expressing opinions and views on matters of interest.  What may constitute matters of interest is likely to be quite far-ranging, but I felt that this particular forum might best be kept a little more focused than might otherwise be my natural inclination!

The wine industry is my very real passion – whether in the doing, or in working with or thinking about what others are doing.  It is an industry filled with special people – sometimes obsessives (in the best possible sense), sometimes simply wonderful, gregarious people who care about what they do, the land they live and work on, and the future.

Ah, the future!  Have you ever heard it said that the wine industry is a long-term business?  No doubt there are a few people who have made a killing out of buying and selling in the short-term, but they will be the exceptions to the rule.  Long-term businesses require clear long-term thinking and planning, even if some of the imperatives are decidedly short-term in nature.  Every decision made affects the value of a business in some way or other.  It is a way of thinking that fits very naturally with me.

Which leads back to what I said at the outset.  I have developed views, both firm and flexible, over the last couple of decades of association with the industry.  Above all else I remain completely convinced that there is no single magic formula for success.  Indeed the fact that one country or company has succeeded with a particular strategy or business model sometimes means that it is a mistake to follow and to copy.  The secret to success is such a singularly individual path that finding that path for anyone in particular means avoiding the risks of myriad distracting red herrings.  Sometimes the path will be dictated by something as simple and profound as a wonderful, blessed piece of soil; sometimes an inspired approach to marketing; sometimes a long track of experimentation, trial and error; sometimes dogged commitment and hard work. 

This never seems to deter the newcomers and the next generations, sometimes embued with passion and sometimes just after a job, who enter the wine industry every year.  For these people there is so much to learn – so many threads to untangle, so much to be gained.  I hope that I can help with even a little of the process of finding those perspectives that may untangle some of those threads.


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