The wine industry is one of Doubtless Strategic’s core sectors of expertise.  Doubtless Strategic’s Hugh Ammundsen is  fascinated by everything about the wine industry, from the land and the climate, to the varieties and clones of the  vine, to the people and companies who work in it, to the bottles & labels  and paraphernalia surrounding the product, to the markets across the globe, and  even to the product itself. All of these factors are intrinsic to the business of wine. He owns and operates a small vineyard in New  Zealand’s Far North and spends every moment he can there.

Doubtless Strategic is in the business of problem solving. We spend  much of our time working with people and companies in the industry, bringing our  holistic, knowledge-based, value-driven perspective to try and assist clients  with the problems that they face as they stake their own individual places in  the industry.

Knowledge is the key. Without it any attempt at context or  perspective must be fundamentally limited. The wine industry of today is  grappling with problems that need context and perspective firstly to understand  where we all stand, and only then to chart a way to the future.

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